United Group Company Established in 1998 as a Family Company between Eng.Reda Awad , Eng.Mohammed Awad  and Mr.Shaker Awad:

  1. It Integrated Systems

  2. Id Card Solutions



In year 2000 The Company Begins to Increase the Fields of Work by Enter these Fields:

  1. Laboratory Testing Systems for Engineering Departments.

  2. Manufacturing to Some Plastic Product’s & Casting Special Alley’s.



In 2004 The Company begins to Expand its Work to Cover Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this Field:

  1. Structure Health Monitoring & Geotechnical Solutions.



In 2006 The Company is Owned Totally by Eng.Reda Awad Yassin and The Company begins to be Divided into Seven Divisions as Follows:

  1. Geo-Technical Structural Monitoring Systems Division.

  2. Testing & Measurements Scientific Systems Division.

  3. Complete Systems Integration Solutions Division.

  4. PVC Card Production Systems Division.

  5. Light Current Systems Division.

  6. Metals Powders Division.

  7. Contracting Division.


In 2009 The Company Enters as A Partner in New Company in Saudi Arabia with Name United Range Company, and The New Company is Working in Some of the Fields of Mother Company United Group.


In 2014 The Company is Reorganized to Increase the Specialty and Dependability and the Company is Named United Group Holding Company  and Cover Three Separate and Nondependent Companies :

  1. United Group for Engineering Solutions

  2. United Group for Contracting and Real State

  3. United Group for Industry “UG-Steel”


In 2015 The United Group for Engineering Solution Make Reorganize to The Sub-Divisions and Internally Divided in Three Separate Divisions as Follows:-