Project steps:

1-Customer requirements study, analysis, systems selection.
2-System supply, installation and operation.
3-System clean room design and installation and operation.

What is Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Devotion (PECVD)?

1-Plasma surface technology has the ability to change the surface of materials to the microscopic level, giving them different characteristics
2- PECVD uses RF energy to generate a glow discharge (PLASMA) of gas mixture to form reactive radicals, ions, neutral atoms and molecules. These atomic and molecules fragments interact with a substrate to make reactive etching or deposition processes.


Solar Cell: Amorphous Silicon Deposition Anti- Reflection and Anti-Scratch Layers: (Oxides, Nitrides, Oxynitrite, Carbides) Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Semiconductors: Low temperature thin film deposition on the semiconductors